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Tips and tricks for easy jewellery making

(Check back, there are more tips coming soon!)

Take it easy! There are no rules... As long as it works - it is done right!

How to make pickle

Why do we anneal metal?

How to anneal metal

How often do I need to anneal metal?

How to make hammer texture

How to stamp design on silver jewellery

How to texture metal (simple ways)

How to transfer a drawing on metal

How to avoid firescale

How to clean the firescale off

How to clean jewelry

How to clean jewellery with a tumbler?

Is it possible to solder a ring with a set stone? & How to protect stone while soldering?

Why solder does not flow?

How to blacken lines in jewellery

How to get a matte finish (brushed finish)

What solder to use

How to polish silver, copper or brass

How to polish in your jewellery piece’s tight corners

How to polish inside a bail

How to saw around a sharp corner

How to saw on a straight line

How to prevent silver from oxidation

How to polish a stone in a ring?

What is step soldering

What is sweat soldering?

How to do multiple soldered joints on silver?

Tools for soldering