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Artist Statement


I am an artist by nature. I like working with my hands and creating beautiful wearable art. If a piece of jewelry turns out to my satisfaction, it is usually because I have spent a few days creating it. Sometimes it takes more than one attempt to create a piece that satisfies me as well as catches the attention of others. When my work is going well, I feel that the wings of inspiration are continuously expanding and the channel for ideas is wide open which in turn accelerates my eagerness to give these ideas life.

My work always starts with a sketch. After several sketches, I choose my favorite ones and give them dimension with watercolors. Then I narrow it down to one design and begin working with either wax or metal, whichever material best fits the design. Silver is my favorite material because it gives endless opportunities to metal artists. It is not limited to size and is very versatile; it can be tarnished, colored or polished and can sustain a shape or be flexible and dynamic. My favorite tool is a saw-frame as it is the best for shaping intricate and ornamental pieces that I believe best compliment the natural beauty of a woman.

I have always been strongly attracted to developing various techniques and finding new ways of expression through my execution of these techniques. When I work with silver I am often reminded that this could never have happened if I had not moved to Vancouver-this dramatic transition in my life evoked my passion for jewelry. Soon after, I discovered metal-smithing, which has changed the way I produce my work.

In school I was told: “The sky is the limit in design”. Now I believe this to be true. I have learned many different metal techniques and I am grateful that I have the ability and knowledge to recognize when a specific technique lends itself to a certain design.

When I begin working on a new piece of jewelry, I am reminded of my love for nature and the necessity for the new piece to be comfortable on the wearer and become part of their everyday life. When people see my work, I hope that they are reminded of nature in all its beauty and are reminded of their soulful connection to nature. I want my nature-inspired jewelry to enhance the wearer’s beauty. I am happy if I succeed in making a piece that the wearer does not have to wait for a special occasion to wear.

Natalia Khon, jewellery designer,
from Vancouver with love.