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Catalogue of the free bead patterns for the beginners

The bead patterns by the Magic Jewellery Box


15 designer's unique patterns with a sterling silver accessory >>>>>

Level 1 free bead patterns

Level 2 free bead patterns

Level 3 free bead patterns

Blank tables for the bead stitches

Natalia's patterns for peyote, loom and brick stitches

Lea Caldwell's patterns for peyote, loom and brick stitches

Tips by Svetlana Bacileva

Easter Egg 2008

Easter Egg

Project of the month

Egypt inspired necklaces, January, 2007

France inspired necklaces, February, 2007

Modern America inspired beaded jewellery, March, 2007

Russia inspired beaded necklaces, April, 2007

Africa inspired beaded necklaces, May, 2007

Brazil carnival inspired beaded necklace, June, 2007

Japan inspired beaded necklaces, July, 2007

Spain inspired beaded necklace, August, 2007

Jungle of The South America inspired beaded jewellery, September, 2007

The Mountains of Switzerland inspired beaded jewellery, October, 2007

Siberia inspired beaded necklace, November, 2007

North Pole inspired beaded necklace, December, 2007