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A few words about my art and me


Russian-born artist Natalia Khon began designing jewelry at the age of sixteen but considered her passion for art a hobby so pursued a degree in finances instead. When Natalia immigrated to British Columbia in 2002, nature became an inexhaustible source of inspiration for her, which made the young artist realize herself a jeweler not a financial advisor.

As a result Natalia enrolled herself in the two-year Jewelry Art and Design program at Vancouver Community College, graduating in 2005 a jewelry-technician, well versed in a myriad of jewelry techniques. The artist explores design by combining and developing these diverse techniques using beads, clay, wire and metal plate.

When Natalia is away from her studio, she is busy sharing her knowledge of silver-smithing with her students; she enjoys the joy of experimentation and development through teaching. Natalia’s work has been exhibited at art and fashion shows and is available in galleries and boutiques throughout the Lower Mainland.

Diane Farnsworth




Maple Forest Silver Jewellery Collection
Night Mystery of The Rain Forest
Little Insects Collection